Metal fire safety roller shutters made of special steel profile with hollow cross section profile.



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Metal fire safety roller shutters are made of special steel profile with hollow cross section, profile width 80mm and thickness starting from 1mm.

These profiles are connected to each other so as to form an unified surface.

At the ends, the profiles bear metal finishes that hold them together during operation.

The roller shutter’s curtain is supported on a steel axle, diameter 159mm or higher, so that deflection does not exceed the European standards for normal operation.

In any case, this is an ultra-heavy-duty structure that prevents collapse under temperatures up to 1150°C for 60 min.

According to fire safety codes, GA 60 PYROL must always be used in conjunction with the common roller shutter.


The fire safety roller shutter GA 60 PYROL meets the requirements of international standards EN 1634-01 combined with EN 1363.01, EN 1363.03 and EN 13501-2.

It is accompanied by a 60 min fire resistance certificate.


Under normal operation, it is recommended to automatically open and close the roller shutter using the 220-380V electric motor, depending on the roller shutter’s dimensions.

During a power outage, the roller shutter is opened and closed via a manually operated chain. In case of fire, the roller shutter will close in two ways:

a) By means of a 24 V signal from the fire detection system, or

b) By releasing the disengagement lever of the electric brake, in which case the roller shutter will come down by gravity.