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Accordion shutters, Ramps, High speed shutters


Security Transparency Silent Design
Security Transparency Design
Security Insulation Fireproof


The accordion shutters allow during the loading and unloading procedure the isolation of the indoor environment of the factory from the temperature and weather conditions prevailing outdoors.

The front face consists of special rubber fabric reinforced with metal fibers and offering excellent resistance to pulling and tearing.

The bearing structure/frame consists of aluminum profiles and the couplings are made of galvanized steel.                      

Its robust construction enables it to resist truck maneuvers.


The electrohydraulic ramps for loading and unloading, which are certified according to ISO 9001/2000 and manufactured according to safety standards UNI EN 1389 and directives DM 89/392, offer a wide range of benefits:

  • High loading capacity (6 tons of concentrated load or 9 tons of evenly distributed load).
  • Multiple use capability (with flaps reducing the platform width so as to allow use by smaller trucks.
  • With hydraulic system that allows speed regulation and manual closing of the platform in case of power outage.
  • Complete tightness with rubber seals.

Electrostatic painting with anti-skid coating.


For high speed and energy conservation.

Unhindered operation

High speed shutters are intended for continuous operation at storage or industrial spaces where high operating speed is necessary due to increased traffic flow.

Owing to the high opening and closing speed and the insulated profile sections, heating and cooling losses are reduced at transfer spaces with different temperature thus ensuring significant energy conservation.

Power system

The high speed shutter system consists of powerful motors for constant use, ensuring long service life and low maintenance cost.

  • Maximum opening speed up to 550 mm/sec.
  • Maximum dimensions up to 6000 x 8000 mm.


Greater protection against injuries and material damages is achieved thanks to the standard incorporated photocells and the safety sensor on the last profile (endplate).